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Ceramics by Karen Tacey

After qualifying in Health & Social Care I spent my early working career in social work but then along came a husband who serves in the Royal Navy and two children!  Married to a blue suit has taken us to some fascinating countries and we haven’t stood still for 20 years.  Throughout this itinerant time though, pottery has been a constant in my life, starting with a part time three year Creative Pottery course at Highbury college in 2000 and then taking any opportunity to play with clay since!

Arguably the most motivating experience of working with ceramics was during my time in Portugal under the tutelage of the highly inspirational, nationally renowned Helena Brizido.  Helena gave me the confidence to take the leap forward to build my own workshop with a drive to design, create and fire my own functional and decorative stoneware. Each piece is completely unique: hand thrown on the wheel and trimmed before twice firing to very high temperatures with reactive, lead free glazes that produce a never ending array of beautiful finishes.  No two pieces will ever be the same.

I keep on practicing and I never stop learning!

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