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Lisa Dear

Since moving to the Forest of Dean 5 years ago, my painting has developed in many ways, using this stunning scenery as my inspiration. My river Severn beach-scapes and abstracted flowers paintings are a contrast to each other but such a huge part of my everyday views, I love to paint them both.

I have been exploring the opportunities that the different types of paint give me. Oil paint is my favourite medium but recently I have been working with spray paint as well. It is a fantastic material and has such speed of use. This helps me to explore new painting experiences outside and as it dries so quickly I work to enhance the shapes and patterns through my use of layering and the blending colours of paint. This difference in depth also helps to define the highlights and shadows, bringing more movement into my paintings.

After completing my BA Hon’s in Fine Art I worked in retail, visual merchandising and window dressing until I was able to concentrate full time on painting again.


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