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Mariana Pavlova

I am Mariana and my studio is behind our home in Hollybush, shared with my husband, Simon Watts, who has designed and built our earth-sheltered house. Our little hillside is a paradise to us, with all the birds, animals, trees and plants we enjoy every day. The natural world around our house inspires my work.

Texture is all-important in the plant world. I am constantly surprised by the individuality of leaves, flowers and stalks even within the same plant family. I like to achieve this in my glass. There can be an element of surprise when you lift a plate and run your hand over the surfaces – the top displays what I call a gentle roughness, like the delicate, almost furry softness of a leaf, then the underside is polished and glossy, like lacquer.

The process of transforming plants into glass is complex, using glass powder, and several kiln firings.

One of the main parts of my work is making splashbacks, wall tiles and decorative panels for kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms. In addition to being unique works of art, designed for a particular location, they are very hardwearing and easy to keep clean.

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