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Sally Clarke – Berried Treasure

I graduated from Bath College of Art with a degree in Ceramics and 3-D Design, and I have been an artist and teacher for 20 years.

My work is inspired the cycle of life.  I having recently returned from living in Kenya and this experience gifted me a greater appreciation of the natural world around me and the earth’s limited resources.  I collect natural objects and seed-pods; every treasure I find, and every stone turned, reveals a new shape and form which fires my imagination.  The contrasts and changes of textures through the seasons, and their striking array of colours are reflected in my use of dyed merino wool whilst the berry-beaded felt represents the fruitfulness of life.

Based in my small studio in Herefordshire, I use my work to explore the relationship between mankind’s power to create life and the beauty of nature’s energy.  I have deliberately juxtaposed natural forms and textiles with man-made elements; for example, through the contrast between electrical resistors and acorn cupules, both of which enable life and energy to grow.

Please direct any enquiries about my work to

Sally Clarke

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